Therapeutic Approach

Relationship is said to be "the heart of helping people." A trusting relationship with your therapist is the foundation of any good therapy experience. You need to know that your therapist respects you, listens to you, understands you, and truly cares about you. When this kind of relationship is established, the work of solving problems and feeling better can proceed most effectively.

Therapists use particular approaches to helping people, and many--including me--are eclectic, that is,we blend elements of several theories or schools of thought. My approach to therapy is fundamentally strengths-based , recognizing the capacity of people to use their own skills, abilities, and resources to solve their problems. The basis of my approach is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is about the interplay of our thoughts , emotions , and actions , and helps to develop the skills to manage them so we can feel better and function better. Elements of other therapies, including Positive Psychology , Solution-Oriented , and Motivational Enhancement complement the CBT approach.

Therapy is really a process of collaboration between therapist and client. We work together to identify and understand the problem, set goals so we will know where we are headed, and then develop a plan to get there. Clients who get the most out of therapy come ready to work --to talk openly, think deeply, consider new perspectives, and practice new skills.

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