I provide Assessment & Counseling / Psychotherapy for:

  • Mental Health problems, including stress , depression , anxiety , anger , mood problems.
  • Substance Use problems, including alcohol , marijuana , and other drug use , abuse , and addiction .

I work with Men & Women 18 years and older:

Adults: Each stage of life has its normal ups and downs. Adulthood can be a time when pressures build, and problems that we thought would clear up on their own persist longer than we would like. Managing health concerns, family issues, marriages, careers , parenting , assisting aging parents, finances , and other factors often benefit from discussion with a therapist.

Young Adults : Early adulthood is also a time of much transition that can often cause stress . This life transition may include entering college or full-time work ; developing long-term partner relationships or marriages ; having children ; taking on new financial responsibilities ; and other changes.

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