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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


I provide Assessment & Counseling / Psychotherapy for:
  • Mental Health problems, including stress, depression, anxiety, anger, mood problems.

  • Substance Use problems, including alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use, abuse, and addiction.
I work with:

  Each stage of life has its normal ups and downs.  Adulthood can be a time when pressures build, and problems that we thought would clear up on their own persist longer than we would like.  Managing health concerns, family issues, marriages, careersparenting, assisting aging parents, finances, and other factors often benefit from discussion with a therapist.

Young Adults:  Early adulthood is also a time of much transition that can often cause stress.  This life transition may include entering college or full-time work; developing long-term partner relationships or marriages; having children; taking on new financial responsibilities; and other changes.

Adolescents:  The teen years are a time of tremendous growth and change, for teens, as well as their families.  Teens need to make sense of it all, and to develop ways of coping with the stress of school, friendships, dating, and family, so they can become the young men and women they want to be.  Parents need skills for effective communication with their teens to help the changes go more smoothly.

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